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The Glass Ceiling Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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Bad [email protected]#a ft. Jon Connor & Stretch Money Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

Ro Spit talks his shit...

1. When it comes to livin' life nigga cash rules

2. No disrespect I know I'm doper than the last dude

3. And whoever next I guess a nigga in a brash mood

4. If you disagree I gotta render you a damn fool.

5. Yeah I be shittin' on em you can take a smash too.

6. But I be in the lab you be in the bathroom

7. Fam i gotta tell you sumthin' it's some bad news

8. Ya girl step I'm a dog I gotta cock her (Cocker)...Spaniel,

9. Yeah the promotors & the owners tend to pay me well.

10. You might see me in 11 in a Cedes

11. If you ain't say it to me how I know you hate me weeeelllllllll

12. I'm not the devil but I'm hot you know I gave em hell,

13. Still on the list in Heaven Lord knows yes &

14. When I die bury me in my Bordeaux 7's

15. I pray I choose wisely in that forked road setting

16. I did & finally figured out why y'all so threatened heh

**Stretch Money**

Could it be the way I hustle? Is it cause of how I grind?
Is it cause you see my face & here my name all the time?
Cause I know that I'm the shit, I just laugh at you suckas,
I'm a Bad Mutha, Bad Mutha, Bad Muthafucka ain't I?
Fresh as hell from the gear to the floor?
And that's only half of what I have in store.
The dopest on the low, I'on't really mean to brag on you bustas
But I know that I'm a Bad Mutha, Bad Mutha, Bad Muthafucka, ain't I?

1. I ain't mad I gave you reasons to be hatin' on me

2. But when you see me you smile, you niggas fake & phony

3. I'm @ the top wit gwap & you all in the basement lonely

4. My pockets fat when I rap, but like James I'm boney

5. I got wit sIx & clicked & shit started to change for me

6. Made my own lane Hov style get it HOV

7. Oh boy I'm on my Cam Bull…Naomi

8. We get cake, & move heavy weight...James Toney

9. If they ain't know me, they know me now we coney isle.

10. They hold me down in the D, you know the Homey's Clown.

11. Holy cow you got the bread you better show me now

12. Cause the price about to spike believe it's never coming down,

13. Funny how bitches went from actin' funny style

14. To doin' what I want before I ask I'm gettin' money now.

15. Dummy I'll run laps around ya laugh about ya

16. Yea we outchea & my diamonds shinin' like the sun is out, spit

Repeat Hook

**Jon Connor**

1. How could you ever get the notion that you could ever make waves

2. Throwin' pebbles into a ocean how bout you lettin' that soak in?

3. Still screamin' fuck the world like me & the world was boning,

4. So every time I go in, I got the heart of a Trojan.

5. Bringin' real shit back my nigga I am the spokesman

6. I am not playing games like I used up all of my tokens.

7. Niggas scared of success & they on my dick,

8. I guess all that deepthroatin' is what's been havin' them chokin'

9. Niggas bitches & they nervous in the alley clenchin' they purses

10. The flow is sick, they the nurses but ain't no healin' these verses

11. From where niggas lay hands on you not like you sittin' in Churches

12. And they pack burners that'll send you clowns back to the circus.

13. I stay on my J O, Ya'll niggas is Jayos.

14. Every joint is fatal this one gettin' wings in the Halo

15. What I'm gone do to the game, you ever seen a tornado?

16. You wanna dance with the Devil, let's get ready to tango

Repeat Hook

Stretch Money talks his shit...

FREE Download: Ro Spit - Bad [email protected]#a ft. Jon Connor & Stretch Money.mp3 (via Bandcamp).