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The Glass Ceiling Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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Detroit 101 ft. Fat Ray, Black Milk, Fatt Father, Guilty Simpson, & Marv Won Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

**Fat Ray**

1. This for my nigga J Dill,

2. Fat Ray fuckin' wit Octane & Ill,

3. It's the one like Neo poppin' the read pill,

4. I'mma show them niggas how one in the head feel.

5. Bitch made like knee highs & high heels.

6. I take a switchblade & buck fifty ya grill

7. You can getcha kicks on Route 66,

8. My niggas push bricks up 696.

9. Spittin' since Slum had a Capitol deal

10. I'm hotter than clappin' the steel on Capital Hill

11. You can get some pimp shit & a slap in the grill

12. Number one like the letters on the back of the bill,

13. Get slapped with the back of the steel

14. Tiger Woods you, 9 iron put you in the back of the field

15. Shit so real, & life so ill,

16. I got more cases than deal or no deal

17. Stickin' to the basics fam,

18. You can find Fat Ray in a cold basement fam

19. Like Rakim thinkin' of a master plan

20. And I got more crack than the maintenance man.

**Black Milk**

1. Ayo press play, listen to one of the best say,

2. The best to date since days of cassette tapes.

3. I set the bar high as a black star,

4. It's outta ya reach like midgets to a backboard.

5. Check out ya raps goin', boring,

6. I got a fingerprint flow & niggas know it ain't a match for him

7. I got the tracks goin', flowin',

8. I got the raps goin', & niggas know I got the tracks for 'em.

9. Matter of fact goin', travelin' somewhere foreign...

10. On the other side of the map tourin'

11. Shit, it's so hostile, I speak the truth

12. Preach the truth it's so gospel.

13. And this the pulpit, niggas bullshit.

14. Spit maneur, nigga don't bullshit the flow

15. Switch the flow, hands up in the front row

16. Everytime we rip the show. Yeah

17. The give & go. Feels like my career's

18. Just begun while endin' yo. So

19. No pretendin', I'm in it for the long

20. Haul. A marathon on a whole song.

**Fatt Father**

1. It's the bad news baker, I red Kool-Aid ya

2. The track got heart & I'm playin' the pacemaker.

3. Breaker breaker one two I come thru

4. Razor blade ya my wordplay is kung fu

5. Made of anger, one in the chamber might do

6. Praise ya maker, in Jamaica white suit.

7. Playa playa yup I'm major,

8. You couldn't beat my life if it was made by Sega

9. Wit a Vega blaze up to savior

10. I'm cold as freeze pops, old as beatbox & beneath blocks

11. The streets hot, I don't give a fuck I keep nots,

12. In mink shops with Euro broads that drink Scotch

13. And speak not, unless they told to greet pops

14. When beef knocks I hand out tickets to meet Pac.

15. Cat's wanna hate, eat cock

16. My heat drop, a week later hit disc makers to re-cop

17. In each spot I'm known, from California to Rome

18. B.I.G. gone I'm inheriting the throne check it.

19. Fatt Father I'm the author of the truth

20. If I ain't did it in the streets, I'on't talk it in the booth.

**Guilty Simpson**

G.S. boy boy

1. Pins & needles, wit a pen I'm evil

2. Might leave you, in limbo, memo the info.

3. I'm a Lamborghini beside a Ford Tempo

4. Mob when I lynch folk, wit a Mack 11

5. In my trench coat, hurl insults, I'm like a million

6. And ten volts of shock value. Renaissance rep

7. Spit a bar of death like, make the muscles in ya chest

8. Tight weezin', heathen, sound check mics

9. Better than ya headliner, push the limit

10. I'm a red liner, out of state like fed timers.

11. My homies thoroughbred rhymers, that's the issue,

12. You draw more blanks than starter pistols.

13. Detroit swings the hardest quotes,

14. Like pillow cases filled with bars of soap.

15. Kush catalyst with cigars to smoke

16. It's a wrap shit, that's all he wrote...syke!!!

17. Alotta listeners pick my style,

18. While the others blow Dick like Ms. Vitale

19. 5 star generals mix shit up wit raw chemicals

20. Spearhead death like a Seminole.

**Marv Won**

1. Man I heard a couple niggas got a problem with me,

2. Cause I'm the anchor on the hottest squad in the D

3. Shit it's lookin' like Gollum to me, little niggas I'm dope,

4. Picabo Street can run a slalom on me.

5. I'm pure un-cut cane. You run what mane?

6. Ya niggas is chumps, all you fucks tuck chains.

7. It's nothin' but blood stains when I buck eagles.

8. I play corners & hit hard, I'm Chuck Cecil.

9. Maybe I'm Bennie Blades, Ya nigga is really paid,

10. I been getting' silly play since back in my skinny days

11. Bossed in many ways, bought all them Fendi shades

12. Believe me. I'm the one to call when in the blaze

13. It's easy. Strike 'em out all I being is K's, I'm greasy

14. Nigga only out for my Frito Lays chips & dip,

15. Got the Smith on my hip, when it clip, niggas dip

16. Plus they chick's on my tip. Uh

17. They call me a beefcake, I'm so like Brutus.

18. They all do tricks cause I do this one two shit.

19. Man I kill every track I'm on.

20. Nigga signin' out Marv Won the Pop Icon.

**Ro Spit**

1. Yo, if you wanna find me, I'm at the top of the list.

2. Wit a sign next to me sayin' Ro is the shit.

3. I'm probly in some Prada from my top to my kicks,

4. Now ya jockin' everything from the watch to the fit.

5. I'm fly, y'all opposite this, I'm the popular pick

6. You on the rocks? I'm on the rocks with a twist.

7. No chase, but chase profits a bit. You niggas plottin' to get,

8. a slim nigga. Yeah my pockets is thick.

9. That's why I'm that guy, see the haters pass by

10. Put work on a nigga like his name flash drive.

11. We up, re-up like my nigga Ab-Live.

12. My feet up, we lust gettin' money that's life.

13. I shine like I'm set perfect in white gold,

14. And focused on the goal like I'm on a tightrope.

15. Lookin' down on you niggas through a lens night scope.

16. To shatter all ya dreams & crush ya high hopes. Oh.

17. Ro a dope child wit a rope-a-dope style.

18. Go for broke I'll getcha flow broke down.

19. Ya'll make us laugh like Bozo clown,

20. We the Piff & keep a hit like the old Motown.

FREE Download: Ro Spit - Detroit 101 ft. Fat Ray, Black Milk, Fatt Father, Guilty Simpson, & Marv Won.mp3 (via Bandcamp).