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The Glass Ceiling Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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Fly MC Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

1. I'm Gone off Petreezy, she's off the Riesling,

2. We off beat, but on point like a bee sting.

3. The bling bling out, what stay tucked is the thing thing

4 And that's for them Jackboys, gone off the thief's theme.

5. We bring the party when we come through the door.

6. Hands in the air, champagne to the floor

7. We poor a couple bottles then poor us some more

8. Then order shit we can't pronounce like Hors Devours.

9. You think you on my level? Nigga Por Favor

10. I Burn Rubber on you brothas screamin' Au Revoir

11. I guess you in another league Ro. Of course of course.

12. I'm the Emmy's or the Grammy's, you the Source awards.

13. I'm bored & I'm a Lord probably reading the Forbes,

14. A snob that hob-nob with the Robb Report

15. This is real life baby boy, it's not a sport,

16. But you lost so now you wine (whine) like you popped a cork. Dork.

1. I was raised in them days of the 90's, bitches jump back

2. Nigga raw denim on, red lumberjack.

3. Fresh from my step's to the bottom of my hat

4. Put me in a group & watch a nigga spread from the pack black.

5. I know it's kinda weird to hear ya man go solo,

6. You probably pitched a bitch like Hideo Nomo.

7. When I'm on, they on, so they blow doe doe.

8. Now run & tell ya friends like the Play Cloths logo.

9. Ya'll just catching up to shit we was on last year,

10. Blazers on our feet, the Polo cashmere,

11. Ape shit, then we was rockin' Nigo's Bape shit...

12. But that was like 8 years ago, now Bape shit ain't shit

13. Paint this, picture for my people in they lanes,

14. I'm on another chapter, how could we be on the same page?

15. Or on the same stage if you another rapper...

16. There's no other before, now you you know what I'm after.

FREE Download: Ro Spit - Fly MC.mp3 (via Bandcamp).