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The Glass Ceiling Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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Forfeit ft. Freeway Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

Uh, Ok!!!
That's right...
We in the buildin'.
Ya'll know.


1. I'm in the D, so I slid to Burn Rubber grab a fitted

2. Told me Welcome to Detroit City, shout to Tricky.

3. This is, Freezer & Ro the heaters'll blow.

4. And the label's Cash Money case you needed to know.

5. Niggas try to snatch from me, we get Dirdee like Moe.

6. It is very necessary that I air him with the toast.

7. Rock, yellow diamonds got canaries on the gold

8. Do I get bread? Yeah I'm like Panera with the dough.

9. When I spit it's Paranormal Activities.

10. That means that I'm scary with the flow. And I got

11. Yo bitch on her Too Short shit. She just sittin'

12. In the crib Like tell me when to go.

13. It's Freeway & I'm representin' Philly.

14. But I'm in Detroit like Sheed Wallace/Rip City

15. It's Free Money records got them gangstas ridin' wit me

16. We on point with them Llamas, you'on't want no problems with me. No


Forfeit the game, forfeit the game x 8

1. Its Ro Spit here to give you what ya daddy shoulda.

2. Its called game, it's a shame that he ova looked ya.

3. We lookin' past you little bastards like a nasty hooker.

4. I lift my pinky when I drink, I'm such a classy nucca.

5. I took ya there & now its time for me to paint a pic,

6. I am what ya hear for, I'm the fuckin' main event.

7. I am like a landlord. I am what ya can't evict.

8. Then I transform to a hit. Chris Wayne or Swizz.

9. That mean that I could beat ya ass (Chris Brown) or I could beat ya rappin'. (Lil Wayne)

10. Or I could beat you like a beat (Swizz Beatz) you can't defeat a champion.

11. And that's my stamp of approval & my stamp is crucial.

12. I know you hate the nigga rappin, & the feelin's mutual.

13. I'm a student. You are just a jealous pupil.

14. You think ya shit hard? Well niggas call me Metamucil.

15. And I can't do it, but my nigga Rell a shoot ya.

16. Send you niggas straight to Heaven or is Hell ya future? SPIT!!!

**Repeat Hook**

Ro Spit.
Ha ha.
Forfeit the game...
I'mma need that up out you.
Run it.

FREE Download: Ro Spit - Forfeit ft. Freeway.mp3 (via Bandcamp).