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A Different Arrangement by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, June 7th, 2010
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Green Eyed Hate Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

This is a true story,
Kids, don't do drugs

Ok I wanted to get some weed me & maine we had a pair,
Of Swisher Sweet™ or Phillies™ tryinna put one in the air,
See we was up @ Eastern™ & we didn't have a care,
He buy a dime I buy a dime I figured that was fair,
Then Tate came in wit a movie on the real
This s'posed to be some funny shit I haven't seen it yet let's chill,
Or we can get some kill, so we headed to the hill,
Let's call it "Oh My Darling" so his name is concealed.
Maine ain't have no gas so I said fuck it & drove him,
I had the tightest twist so when we got back I rolled 'em,
That nigga Tate said, I heard his shit have you folded,
I asked Maine, damn what has this nigga done sold him?
After the "L" was rolled I through it in the microwave,
Cause usually when we do that man we be high for days
So I grab our favorite lighter, so we can start to blaze
Make sure we save a roach to smoke for my nigga Torré,
Tate popped open the movie through it in the dvd
I hit the blunt & looked away & everythang turned to Clay
Yeah I said Clay, like the same thang as Play Doh™,
They said this show was funny at the time I didn't think so
Feelin' like a big disgrace, everything stuck in place,
Everytime them niggas laughed, from me was SMH.
I hit the tree so hard I guess I kinda set the pace
Now my heart beatin' so fast I'm starin' death all in the face,
Its like I'm in a race I'm paranoid @ all the shit around me
Then I started feelin' weird I felt my soul leave my body.
As it went up, I'm lookin' down I'm thinkin' What The Fuck?
I swear I'll never smoke another blunt I think I pressed my luck
I hit it once, that's it & passed, they had to lace the weed
Then I remember that I rolled it damn I'm trippin' (yes indeed).
These niggas dyin' laughing I don't see what's so damn funny.
We bullshittin' life dog niggas out here bummy.
Money rule the world & we barely gettin' by,
They like, Ro you blowed but you fuckin' up our high.
I said aight I'm out, then my legs got weak
And I stumbled off to the back room & passed off I'm sleep

Aww man
Man I even woke up high
WTF was that shit these niggas had me smokin'
Yo I ain't ever smokin' again dog I'm done.

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