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The Glass Ceiling Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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How It Goes ft. Suai Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

1. Picture this. You "shoulda" had it all.

2. He shut down the store? You "coulda" had the mall.

3. If you was on my team, you "woulda" had it all.

4. "Shoulda Coulda Woulda" seen the writing on the wall.

5. I had you in Dooney, Gucci & Juicy Couture.

6. In step with Guissepe & the Louis Vuitton.

7. Tiff Diamonds on ya charm bracelette Kerrigan style,

8. Look at you with that up do, tearin' it down

9. But sit still. If you ain't know, I'm sort of a big deal,

10. Ya man ain't eatin' right, he's more of a kid's meal.

11. And I'm a super sized super guy that's fly

12. In the bed I get you off like two for fives. (High)

13. I thought you was the one, to make me get it done,

14. 5 carats third finger from the thumb, get some.

15. But now I sit back & think where did we go...umm

16. Wifey turned Hyphy, in the mental she go DUMB!!!


Show you how it...
I'mma show you how it goes
I'mma show you how it...
I'mma show you how it goes
Show you how it...
I'mma show you how it goes
I'mma show you how it...
I'mma show ya

1. Ro wit the flow is so melodic.

2. Blue rocks on the watch, that so Hypnotiq.

3. Red strip on the kicks, so you know it's Prada.

4. 9 on my hip, you'on't want no problems i'm,

5. Known on the beats for incredible thoughts.

6. Mixed with Hen dog that's Incredible Hulk.

7. I eat wack rappers like they edible ya'll.

8. A couple chickens on the dickens had to wrestle them off

9. But she the best, she'on't even know what average mean.

10. And I'm the Prince. Everybody know Cash is King.

11. And I'on't even care what you bastards think.

12. When I hug baby girl it's like I'm wrapped in mink.

13. Like Frank at the fight, a day in the life.

14. I found this chick & I made her my wife.

15. We go together like base in the pipe...

16. I hit it once, now I'm payin' the price. Sing.



1. Show you better than I can tell ya Never been a failure.

2. Keep a girl 'round me like she paraphernalia.

3. She, all I need, hard to read like braille

4. But she work hard to Earnhardt (Earn Heart) like Dale.

5. But how I'm 'posed to know she insatiable?

6. She try & change a nigga ways...incapable.

7. I can sum it all up in one statement yo.

8. You know what forced love equals? That's rape to Ro.

9. But ain't no nigga like the one she fuck with.

10. And I'on't really wanna have to deal with her dumb shit.

11. Gotta answer all the questions, who I leave/who I come with?

12. I'm done wit her, shoulda seen I how I dump this...Bitch.

The shit was crazy man
It was a scene ya know what I'm sayin' like...
Guns & knives & all type of shit, but...
Ya know.


FREE Download: Ro Spit - How It Goes ft. Suai.mp3 (via Bandcamp).