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The OH S#!T Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, November 9th, 2009
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I Do Me (Prod. Koen) Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

Yeah, I do me, so do you hahaha
That's how I live my life man, what other way is it, ya know what I mean?
Let's go!

*Verse 1*
I'm the illest, the flyest, should be called ya highness/
Everything we do we keep it classic, timeless/
Went from silver now all of my niggas floss diamonds/
As big as onions I wondered why is it yall cryin'/
I've been, grindin' & that's what yall minus/
Spit that shit that get up in ya head, cold, (sinus)/
The same for the chickens niggas dickin' all dimers/
& Neva fucked wit nappy headed hoes Don Imus/
I just do me & do my best/
I'm sick of sayin' that I'm dope, I digress/
I let that red thing pump inside my chest/
Neva worry bout a damn thang bye bye stress/
Ha, yeah, The lyrics just go/
The man in the mirror couldn't mirror this flow/
Chilren get doe if you hearin this yo/
& put ya hands up if ya feelin' this gooooo!!!!/

*Hook x2*
I do me...
So do you...
& don't you dare think that you can ever do what I do...
*Verse 2*
Where I'm from talk is cheaper than the paper money printed on/
We to the top, y'all to the block like a minute phone/
Blah blah, yaddi yah y'all bitch & moan/
Gangsta rapper need to change ya name to Bitch-N-Bone/
Phrikshun home, eviction note/
I get it poppin' Lyrics hotter than a kitchen stove get/
Oh shit!!! I'm all about the pro-fit/
Or profit, pop shit & get a glock clip/
Your just a pawn inside the world where the rich run it/
Fuck a budget I could show him where to shove it/
I payed a lot for this belt, around 3 Hunned/
Cause Y'all scared of the gooch like Arnold Drummond/
Bummin', I can't stomach Yall über geeks/
You need to know, I speak "Fly Nigga" fluently/
Who it be, soon to see me on a koen beat/
Y'all Niggas losin' cool points, a coolant leak/

*Repeat Hook*

*Verse 3*
They say you're nobody til somebody kills you/
I say you're nobody til somebody feels you/
Cool, I'm real smooth, a ill dude that got skill too, (so)/
I feel my cup to the limit & I spill truth/
Oops, I'm not Urkel but did I do that?/
They say I leave the mic smokin' like a pipe do crack/
A punk could jump up & get they eye blue black/
Wit two raps I'm off the wall like Michael Jack/

*Repeat Hook*

FREE Download: Ro Spit - I Do Me (Prod. Koen).mp3 (via Bandcamp).