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The Glass Ceiling Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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I Want It All [Bonus Track] Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

I want it all
I want it all (I, I want it)
All (I Need It)
I want it all
I want it all (I, I Want it) x 2
All (I Gotta Get It)

1. I want the Mansion on the hill, for cats to come & chill,

2. Imagine being mannish that's what happens when its real.

3. ½ the niggas rappin' couldn't match the fuckin' feel

4. And the other ½ is trash but get a pass so fuck a deal.

5. Still in my go mode when niggas movin' slow mo

6. To question is to doubt me & doubtin me is a NoNo

7. I was pullin' bitches when they was callin' me Ro Ro

8. But neva came in third, I'm first if you ain't no so,

9. On a bad day we in Purple Label Polo

10. Hit the diamond district then we trick it off in SoHo

11. Wit my lady and... we kick it DoJo

12. Its hard to keep a low pro... wit what I spent on her HoBo.

13. The Logo 2 G's what the bag cost. (Gucci)

14. I said I'd take her to the moon that's the blast off,

15. So we ain't lookin' @ you dudes we lookin' past ya'll

16. We so far ahead the you prolly think that we on Fast Forward


1. Everything I ever wanted... is right here at my fingertips.

2. The bottom of my closet look like Sneaker Pimps.

3. Weak attempts to get the crown is why I'on't even trip.

4. Shit I'll Obama the button & say my finger slipped, (Oops)

5. We the shit, flush just for courtesy.

6. We fall we bounce back we like Dame with the Curren$y.

7. You get a late pass if you ain't ever heard of me

8. But for the most part I'm thinkin' you was on a Serta sleep.

9. Word to me I Heard the beat & lost my fuckin' mind,

10. The same way a Rolie sittin' still lost the fuckin' time.

11. That's boss life we married to it, toss rice.

12. And we just wear diamonds baby its no need to floss ice.

13. Silly nigga act like you 'posed to have somethin',

14. You the reason why they say niggas can't neva have nothin',

15. You prolly bluffin' anyway you niggas glass runnin'

16. Half ass I get the last laugh cause my cash comin', run it


1. I want my cake & I want it on a plate I gotta get it all.

2. If it's money to be made I gotta get involved.

3. If I don't get applaused, I'm up in this bitch appalled,

4. Married to the game it's a shame if it get annulled.

5. Y'all walkin' I'm in 4 door Porsche mode

6. And it's gone be that way until I'm sittin' on a porch old.

7. Now we peakin' drinkin' wine called merlot

8. So we'on't paint the town red baby we paint it Bordeaux.


FREE Download: Ro Spit - I Want It All [Bonus Track].mp3 (via Bandcamp).