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A Different Arrangement by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, June 7th, 2010
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I Wish It Wouldn't Rain Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

Ro Spit
A Different Arrangement hahaha
And I Wish That It Would...

Uh, It's so much in this world that a nigga can't explain,
But yet its so much out her for a nigga to attain I'm
Gettin' out my name, yet somehow I must obtain My
Creative control somebody get this shit to Dame But
Shame on the nigga if he think I'm gettin' under,
The umbrella from rain if the cake ain't gettin' fronted
Niggas high be off the hype but then they record sales plummet, ha
That's just food for thought that most niggas can't stomach So
When they throw it up, (up) we still pourin' up, (up)
Faded off the liquor that my niggas toastin' plus, (plus)
The weed that's in the dutch,
The green that's in the paper that my niggas roll is Kush,
We plush up in our section you can barely get a look,
My shit is of the chain, you can barely get the hook
So I can't be there for that price, I am clearly over booked
But, when you get it right you know I'll be there on that flight
And we can touchdown like a Manning & be back the same night,
That's what they call jet settin' the lessons the next message
Yeah we do the same thang but mine come wit less effort,
This is God given talent what I do is just better

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