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The Glass Ceiling Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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I'm So All Alone Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

South x...

1. I wrote this, high in the air on a plane no paper.

2. Made myself unatainable Bei we so Maejor.

3. Nothin' on my left or right I got no neighbors

4. Biz straight my name on the "Markie" (marquee) they caught the Vapors.

5. Chaser don't go wit nothin' smooth as Platino.

6. Bottles all around for my dogs I call 'em Dino.

7. Wit the bitches I'm the guy who win 'em all… Geno. (Auriemma)

8. I was sent here for you to NV, I'm Reno.

9. We know, I got a lotta groupies & they watchin' hard.

10. I hit 'em once & keep it pushin' like a shoppin' cart.

11. Heh, they only love me when I'm droppin' bars.

12. You think they'd be around if I was into moppin' floors?

13. No. But this the life that I chose to live.

14. I'm on the road & all I wanna do is hold my kids.

15. Money talks & only doe can get a hold of Spit.

16. That's why I'm missin' all these calls & I ain't noticed shit.


I did it by my fuckin' self
And I ain't need nobody fuckin' help
I'm just posted at the top sing
Now watch a Nigga do his damn thing

1. I'm here now so I gotta make the best of it

2. It feels better when you grind & get a check from it

3. We to the top & hope we never leave or let plummet.

4. And if you hatin' you can suck where my left nut is.

5. What is life if you can't control your destiny.

6. I call the shots cause if I don't then that's the death of me.

7. The recipe is go harder than the next, cause if you rest,

8. What is left? And from that mess you get the best of me.

9. I'm so fly I think I fuck around & took flight.

10. You look at me & you a see what money look like.

11. I'm brash, I just need a bad bitch that cook right.

12. I'm claimin' it the main event I'm like a good fight

13. On pay-per-view & my niggas make the news

14. I'm a Staple in the center of my city like a Laker dude.

15. Chess or checkers yeah whatever gone make ya move.

16. But I would cruise man this really ain't the place for you cause...

**Repeat Hook**

**Scratches (DJ Presyce)

FREE Download: Ro Spit - I'm So All Alone.mp3 (via Bandcamp).