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A Different Arrangement by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, June 7th, 2010
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Just Might Work Out Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

Ha Ha
My name is Ro Spit
This is a Different Arrangement

I got here wit no co-sign, no validation,
On the way to the top all I had was patience
A breath of fresh air, a couple clever statements
Now niggas want me in a box or sittin' @ the station
Hatin', what the fuck these niggas mad for,
Your time is up you had a chance you let it pass boy,
I'm whippin V8's & up on a crash course
& won't stop until my nudies look like a cash drawer.
I fast forward past yours, but when spit writin',
You see alotta thumbs up, like they hitch hikin',
You disagree I see ya eyes its like a nigga pshychic,
but I'on't care how you feel I bet yo bitch like it.
Heh, & that's all that really matters,
Cause once I got them, (ha) the money comin' after,
& once I got that we can start another chapter
Tears used to come with pain now they come with laughter
So...I'm cryin' all the way to the bank,
Then we hit the bar I'm buyin' everybody dranks
Its alotta people here that wasn't here a year ago this date
Who the fuck are ya'll fuck em all yeah I feel you Drake.
Wait, cause when the bottles stop poppin',
They all go & left hiMalone just like Stockton,
You can't believe you ran through all that cash
Ya people said they had ya back they talkin' all that jazz.

*It just ain't gonna work out*

--VERSE 2--

Yeah, & now we on to the next verse,
We network to increase on our net worth,
& now we shinin' & we startin' wit our neck first,
That's why we keep the thang tucked like a dress shirt.
Flirt with the groupies just to reel em in...
I love to see they face when I tell 'em that they didn't win
Throw em down the hall to my young boys (send them in).
Victory taste sweet like cinnamon
You see me in the streets, I'm prolly wit BA,
Ron Dance, Big Chop, maybe PK.
Smoke, Can-Non, Louie, Log & Sea Face
The freakin' Deezin, Reece Scizzy yo my team great.
Hey, the niggas I dash wit, I'll crash wit
They was there when I was broke now I'm on my cash shit
Drastic, to go from there to here was like magic,
Now we keep it classic, yup my nigga that's it.

Yeah, that's it man...
Sometimes it can work out you know,
Heh, some guys win em all...
I'm just happy to be one of those guys. Ha ha
Ro Spit
Burn Rubber

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