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The Glass Ceiling Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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Lonely Road ft. Melanie Rutherford Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

Yeah I had to do something to escape life.
It's hard to go for broke when all you see is break lights.
With no propellers, no wings I had to take flight.
When most niggas couldn't cut it, I'm a steak knife!!!

1. Anything that came for me is taylor made.

2. You do what you can do, you layaway.

3. Its safe to say, I can eyeball the fake

4. From afar nigga, I call a spade a spade.

5. Made a couple dollars just from playin the game,

6. Enough to add 2 cylinders now changin' them lanes,

7. Feel that much better while we chasin' the fame.

8. Shame on a nigga, if he hatin' he lame.

9. You can blame the nay sayers for how hard I go.

10. Ice water flow bitch, aren't I cold?

11. It's a part I choose to give you & a part I don't,

12. But whatever I give you know its from the heart, I show...

13. Show love, like Play or CDG

14. Leave me be, disc in CD speak.

15. See me peak when y'all niggas 3 ft. deep.

16. Fangs out, wolf time baby we see sheep...Yeah!!!

Melanie Rutherford

I see myself, how I'm supposed to be
Beyond the norm. This is my destiny.
Many are called, but I was chose for this
Lonely road. For this...Lonely road

1. A couple people in a couple places hollerin' my name now,

2. Now a nigga hot, you know some shit about to change round,

3. Here, get it clear I took a Lear out to Capetown.

4. When you on that fly shit, you do it that way, Pow

5. They shit, basic, I'm in there face with,

6. Cake bitch, laced with, Damier bracelets.

7. If I'on't answer when the people say "Hey Spit", I'm in surgery

8. They said the game need a facelift.

9. Ha, then I stroll to the pot o' gold,

10. Heard so many A's you'd think that I was on the honor roll.

11. I'm kinda cold & I'm tighter than the pot is rolled

12. I like my beer wit a Red Stripe like my Prada sole.

13. A shot o' Trōn & some Dom Perignon,

14. If you ain't drinkin' what we drinkin' nigga gone carry on.

15. We to the plane wit a dame & a carry on.

16. Livin' life like stars & we barely on... Spit

**Repeat Hook**

Yeah I was chose for this lonely road.
A road only those this cold can stroll.
I see myself in the pros or, somewhere in that fold.
Many were called but they can't walk like I walk,
Or talk like I talk. And They get bought?!?!
Shit dont blame me.
It's yall fault.

**Repeat Hook**

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