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A Different Arrangement by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, June 7th, 2010
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Made It Mines Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

Uh uh uh
Yeah, Ro Spit
We in here
Let me see what I can do with this one
*clears throat*

I'm the man in this bitch others pail in comparison
A nigga try me child please I'll Embarass him
I am at a price you can't a Ford Harrison
I don't care what you bought, I bought more **Baltimore** Maryland
I really hate to tell ya but ya not even a Real threat,
Niggas hate the kid & I ain't even got a deal yet,
Just to keep it clear, you ain't even got the skill set
Look inside the mirror behind ya ears shits is still wet,
Kneel @ the feet of a King when I'm walkin' by,
I live the quote, numbers don't, men & women often lie
Niggas can't get to where I'm @, but they often try,
I gently spray the pat, Lay 'em flat, in they coffin die
Often I, tell it like it T I is,
Do whatever for the bread I gotta feed my kids.
I'll say it once again try & read my lips,
Oh Shit Ro Spit in this B I itch,
Shit I'm tryinna see some diamonds wrapped around my wrist
A nigga step up I move him right down my list,
I got game yo the chicks say I sound like Hitch
They think a nigga found God, I just found my niché,
You see I'm Rich in my mind & even richer wit the cashflow
Can't get to where I'm goin' bein' bashful I spazz yo
& frankly don't be mad when see me give me dap
& I pull my hand back I'm a asshole

I'm so much of an asshole, I'm done
Verse over...
I'm out

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