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The OH S#!T Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, November 9th, 2009
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Needing To Win (Prod. 14KT) Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

It's like, we, we win
you know what I'm sayin' 
like, it's almost like we need to win
It's kinda like a drug & shit
like, I don't even know what losing means
It's like, It's like it's in us, you know what I'm sayin'
& it's like we need it...
We need to win.

*Verse 1*
I'm in the prime of my life they say, Ro getting better/
At a time in my life I'm bout doe gettin' cheddar/
Standin' at the door bout to blow getting fed up/
But, I'm what the french call, "Lé Coolest Nigga Ever"/
Cooler than whoever nigga smoother than some leather/
Movin' thru the groove prove dude just incredi-/
Ble, yeah the flow got bro's wit the shit face/
& got hoes wantin' to know how my dick taste/
You roll wit me we off in Vegas Bay, Mandalayin/
Livin a life that ain't real to them, animation/
She act complacent but her palate waitin' salivatin'/
I'm on my shit like my last name's sanitation/
Shore please, but tour seas a socialite/
That smile so much, niggas know I got a overbite/
You over hyped, I took it there like its overnighted/
& go ham on the program, sho ya right/

*Verse 2*
I'm riding down the strip, wit the windows black tint/
745 was the time & the class of whip/
stuntin' in some vi's & the Penny Half Cents/
Baby in the back bent, Wit a spanish Accent/
Mackin, packin', grands niggas stackin'/
You can't get in here, its ya swag niggas lackin'/
Action, time for some ass Luther Van shit/
Pushin' red line wit a dime music blastin'/
Champion! My crew in a whole 'nother league/
I'm gone on these niggas how they gone fuck wit me?/
Luckily, I'm known on the scene sucka free/
Lookin down on you fools, I'm so uppity/
Chuck a peace, release now I'm back on my biz/
How the fuck I'm gone die knowing that I didn't live/
Shit, connected to the streets like a bridge/
Stunt button, frontin' spendin' chips like I'm rich/
Bitch! I came from the bottom of the barrel/
That's why I rock chains & rock dames like a Pharaoh/
Still gettin' by, still fly like a Sparrow/
How the hell I'm gettin' thru & the view so narrow?/
Now I deal Merrill, Lynch its a cinch/
But sometime it get intense like we fixed in the trench/
& you fixed on the bench, pickin against/
Ro, you lose like you gave up winning for lent ohhh!!!/

This that shit man
You sit back & chill, light up a j
Get a bottle of merlot, you know what I'm sayin', 
Sit back & zone out
Sometime you feel like, like ya shit just a lil bit off
& you need a win
Shit just, just a lil bit off, you know what I'm sayin'
This that shit to get you back right.
101, Grumpy Old Men, The Pilots.

FREE Download: Ro Spit - Needing To Win (Prod. 14KT).mp3 (via Bandcamp).