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A Different Arrangement by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, June 7th, 2010
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Old & Bogue Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

Uh, uh, uh, uh
You're here at the uhh...
Ro Spit hour
Playin' all your slow jams & quiet storm hits
I'm givin' you all that I got baby
A Different Arrangement

Yeah, yo girl came wit you but she rather be wit me,
She said she was from Cali but he had her in the D,
I seen her blowin' purple in a lavender caprice
These niggas caliber is cool, but they amateur to me
I told her I can take her places that'll have her so deceived
My baby thought she was a foreman cause I had her overseas.
Please, I tell her shit I know she can't believe,
& I know that she wit me, cause I'm badder over beats.
She said she like it rough so then I smacked her on her cheeks
& then I pulled her fuckin' hair & left her yaki on the seat
Indeed I didn't really mean it guess you have to had to see it
Shit she had a nigga screamin' when I had her on her knees,
Geez I need to keep her, see uh baby is a sleeper
She can roll & hit the reefer then she hand it off to me,
But she is not a QB she's a cutie wit a ghetto booty
Last time I seen her she wit Crack & Demeet?
I heard she was a runner wish I knew that for I got her number
Last summer Kev hit her, Keith even got it from her
I wonder, I hope my niggas used a couple rubbers,
She fucked wit Clifford damn shame that's my youngest brother,
She gave the head to AD & Tay its gettin' weird
But she wouldn't fuck wit Dee Bo, until he cut his beard,
So then he cut his beard now she hate his goatee.
That nigga looked @ me & said I feel so cheap,
She a freak you know she know it she the baddest to the bone &
Baby give it to you straight just like we passin' the Patron,
Cause she don't give a fuck she in a class thats of her own I mean
She think just like a nigga when it comes to gettin' boned,
I admit she was a cleaner I just had to get between her
From a Cutty or Regal to a Bentley Benz or Beamer
She was cool as one of us she hang just like a carabiner
I see you lookin' at me crazy but that's cause you never seen her she was Cold

What appeared to be Shiny & New
Was Old & Bogue, ha, it be like that sometimes
Everybody's names in this story,
Have been changed, to protect the innocent
Haha, or the guilty, hahaha
Ro Spit

FREE Download: Ro Spit - Old & Bogue.mp3 (via Bandcamp).