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#onyouhoes (CDQ DJ Pack) by Ro Spit

Released on Friday, September 30th, 2011
More lyrics from #onyouhoes (CDQ DJ Pack)#onyouhoes [Dirty] (CDQ),

#onyouhoes [Clean] (CDQ) Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

1. N***** cheesy, when they see me they like Yo he getting money.

2. Funny, when it's honeys I'm like Yo these b****** love me.

3. Bummy is a word that I don't get, am I a dummy?

4. How All this paper (paper) come from rappin'? I'm a mummy.

5. King of the double entendre keep up,

6. No matter what them n***** do they know they'll never be us.

7. It's a thing or two you lookin' for it when you see us,

8. We just, Burn Rubber yeah that's when you see dust.

9. & that ain't for nobody in specific that's for everybody

10. My n***** gone get it how we live & thats forever prolly

11. Yo n***** is always f******' broke, they like the levy's, sorry

12. Bunch a n***** mad @ what we do they like a jealous army

13. Ornery & the rappers that you like I think they corny,

14. & boring he tell his b**** goodnight I say good morning

15. & for them n***** taking shots, this is just a warning

16. It ain't ciroc when we takin' shots but we keep it pouring


1. Ro, I be Rackin' #onyouhoes, Yeah I'm stackin' #onyouhoes

2. Boy I'm swaggin' #onyouhoes, so you know yo

3. When niggas get to hatin' tell 'em bitch I'm gettin' money

4. & we laughin' but ain't shit about us funny, we cappin' #onyouhoes

1. I was in the strip club when I wrote this so I know it's bout to bubble.

2. A b**** was poppin' on my d*** I think her name was Trouble.

3. My n***** make it rain & s*** y'all n***** makin' puddles

4. I was drunk as f*** off Nino Browns & now I'm seein' double

5. Double down on a bet & I'll match you on a fade bro.

6. Out here gettin' paper call me baker cause I made doe,

7. I am in position in a place you need to aim for

8. I flame throw, you know I'm bout to win you Sugar Shane old,

9. Same old n**** from the Yac, mr. Ceiling Crack,

10. Came to put my city on the map. Can you live wit that?

11. Not to many n***** known to spat, what they live in raps

12. I can trick yo month off in a snap cause I'mma get it back

13. Back to the bar baby we too fried.

14. Left the club & I almost caught a DUI.

Like for real, I literally almost caught a DUI, but I beat the breathalizer...Hahahaha


1. Yeah, you can line 'em up, I'm the best who on the top Row? Ro

2. N**** I'm bougie @ the bar they call me top Row Ro,

3. Back in the day my nickname off top Ro Ro

4. Ladies I'on't need ya box but you can top Ro Ro.

5. Yo, I know that was childish & a little unprofessional

6. Whatever keep these b****** on the floor. Like a sectional

7. Check if you ain't reppin' what I'm reppin' what you reppin' for

8. Let him know that they can't come in here my dear this section closed


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