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The Glass Ceiling Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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Rō'Se Gold [Intro] Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

We here...Glass Ceiling.
It's like I gotta, set my scene up.
I kinda brought us all here,
To show where we've been.
And to show where we can go.
I would like to propose a toast!

1. May ya Keep ya glasses full of champagne, pockets full of money

2. This world full of shit, ain't a damn thang funny

3. Where we from people play, but dealt a bad hand... Rummy

4. But if I build they'll buy it, then a bad man won.

5. Whoever thought that we'd be sittin here in suits & ties,

6. Some in a couple years, some sittin' wit they future wives.

7. See I remember when we couldn't get it "Super Sized",

8. Now we shoppin' for chandeliers & brand new coupes to drive.

9. Rides is so defined & enginered by the Germans,

10. Handcuffed in some bracelets but lately its Yurman.

11. Learnin' from mistakes of all the greats who stayed determined

12. We admire what they speak as if they preached it in a sermon.

13. Now I'm feeling like Nas on the Illmatic intro.

14. I see the pie, I need a slice I'm like Kimbo.

15. So to my kinfolk, this is my end quote.

16. If you ain't in it for the prize then what you in fo'?

I mean like...
Sometimes I feel like...
What more can I say?
Or like, what else I gotta do?
I gotta get to that next level...
Huh, it's inevitable.
Keep them Glasses up!!!

1. Uh huh, lately I been thinkin' about my life & how A Nigga livin',

2. Like one mistake can have me livin' life up in a prison.

3. How dare my babies suffer from my life if I was sentenced,

4. So I write, I'on't lie, I put my life up in a sentence.

5. I'm still behind the bars little do they know

6. I feel like If the price is life then you better get what you paid for.

7. And Clearly you can see that I'm worth the price of admission,

8. That's why the price is up whenever my likeness is mentioned.

9. (Yeah) we used to cry the blues now we designin' shoes

10. & nothin' ease the pain of fame like a couple commas do

11. I'mma prove & show livin' life behind the Cuban smoke

12. Used to lock a dollar holla now I got a few to blow.

13. Ha, momma always told me I'm above the rest...

14. And anything in this world I want I could possess...

15. Now everything I want is everything I get,

16. You wanna get thru life? you gotta learn to live it's the best.

FREE Download: Ro Spit - Rō'Se Gold [Intro].mp3 (via Bandcamp).