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The OH S#!T Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, November 9th, 2009
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Renaissance State Of Mind (Feat. Monica Blaire) (Prod. DBit) Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

*Verse 1*
Yeah I'm out that Yactown™, now I'm down in Royal Oak/
Right next to thai spot, Burn Rubber™ that's my spot/
I'm the new hot nigga, & since I made it here/
I can make it anywhere, yeah the love me everywhere/
I used to cop @ Fairlane, now I'm up in Sommerset/
Find me on the rich side, just got me a Louis belt/
Catch me in my shoe box, me & Chuck on Luther Street/
See me on my grind like TK on a skate team/
Cruisin' down Jefferson all black Sunbird/
Drop top chuck a deuce ain't gotta say one word/
Me I'm out that Yactown™, home of that boy Kutta/
Even tho he gone, not forgotten that's my muhfucka/
Say what up to BA, Northside Everyday/
Niggas playin' snatchies & they send you on yo Merry way/
Born to a D-Boy, poppa named C. Coit/
Yeah I'm from the Yac™ but when I'm outta town I'm from.../

*Hook (Monica Blaire)*
Detroit, concret jungle where thugs are raised up
My city stand up
I'm from Detroit, It's our music the world lives & dies to
Our song inspires you
I'm from Detroit, Detroit, Detroit.

*Verse 2*
Me & Rick in Royal Oak @Burn Rubber Mane/
Yeah I made Burn Ruber hats more famous than Big Sean mane/
Niggas know I bleed red, but I ain't a blood though/
They don't do that where I'm from, but yeah I know some thugs yo/
Welcome to the D-town, home of that hip hop/
J dilla, Proof, Em, we even got Kid Rock/
I See you in that SS, me I push a charger/
Shout out to them D-Boys, who pushin' them Mauraders/
8 Million rappers, spittin' out here on the grind/
Quit, its a shame most of ya'll ain't gone get signed/
Me, I'ont give a fuck, yea bro I'm gettin' mine/
I be in the studio, but only on my spare time/
Burn Rubber everywhere, yeah nigga life good/
Rollin' thru the D blowin' Tree bumpin' Icewood/
Spirit of Detroit, home of the Hittsville/
Son from the Yac™ but when I'm out of town I'm from.../

*Repeat Hook*

*Verse 3*
Lights is blinding, niggas need shades on/
Walkin thru life trump tight get ya spades on/
Bitches so cold, you awoke? Nigga up & at em/
They'll set ya up quick, Don't bite the apple Adam/
Now you in the in crowd, always in style/
Cardi frames denim jeans Maury Gators & a Al Wissam/
Old English D, yeah you see it on the brim/
Real niggas gettin' bread, the city's filled wit them/
Dude took a bus trip, say he gotta bust out/
Now everybody cop from him, & bitches wanna fuck now/
Hail mary to a chick if she a virgin/
She say she want a "Doe" Boy, so she went to Pershing/
Dropped outta school got addicted to the high life/
You can play it over run it back like a highlight/
Oh shit Ro spit rep the Motor boy/
I'm from the Yac™ but when I'm outta town I'm from.../

*Repeat Hook*

Yeah, I tried to give ya'll a chance man
Ya'll took too long
Ha ha ha ha
But when I go outta town man...
It saves a whole conversation dog...
I'm from the "D"
Ya'll need to get outta here man...
Go somewhere & learn sumthin'
Yes, we outta here man...
Burn Rubber all day...
Whole Detroit man, whole metropolitan Southfield, Yactown...
Inkster. Downriver, man whatup
Wherever you at man...
We rep this shit!!!

FREE Download: Ro Spit - Renaissance State Of Mind (Feat. Monica Blaire) (Prod. DBit).mp3 (via Bandcamp).