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The OH S#!T Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, November 9th, 2009
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Verse Collage Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

*Verse 1*
Yes, Yactown...
In association with Gun Rule
Check it

Yo, I hear the slick talk, but I don't see the slick in ya walk/
I'm raps Michael Vick, you're a vixen in shorts/
In 4 bars spittin' I be kickin' the raw/
You a bitch muhfucka need a dick in ya jaws/
It's flatterin' that a muhfucka stick in ya thoughts/
But throw another shot Oc'll dig a ditch for your corpse/
Of course my niggas bogard, the flow God like/
That's why they praisin' me everytime I go off mics/
I'm not a show off but blow off the doe floss/
At no cost & so raw put a chrome ross to yo boss/
Depression settin' in, this nigga poppin' Zoloft/
I'm pacin' life I'm waistin' on vacation bout to go golf/
Toast off the Cliquot we see doe & eat/
Ya weak show weak flow change ya name to finito/
Padico is me yo, you wish you could be Ro/
& tell ya girl to stop callin' iLLiTe ohhhhhh.

I keep my movement movin'
Motivation is the cause of that
Niggas not real
Snitches what we call rats
Lil' nigga don't want nothin'
So lil' nigga fall back
Fake niggas bow down
Why cause the real is back
Yup yup
The real is back
Yup yup
The real is back
Fake niggas bow down
Why cause the real is back
Yup yup
The real is back
Yup yup
The real is back

*Verse 2*
I am the flyest nigga that you've seen thus far/
When you've been royalty niggas seem sub-par/
You prolly word a whole verse, I only heard one bar/
I am a grown man pull yo pants up boy/
I don't care bout ya denim what they cost or what Religion/
True I got a lotta work but since you asked I am a Christian/
I'm still writing rhymes but beside that I'm chillin'/
Like a villain on penicillin from killin' in a prison/
& you were the victim I pick em & rip 'em all to shreds/
& like before the game start I flip 'em on they heads/
Or tails, if all else fails I bail like a bond/
But I ain't runnin' no where, you fell for the Ban/
Na na in the tail pipe, you niggas snail like (slow)/
That's prolly over yo head like in the air flight/
The music that I make it make the cutty trunks vibe/
Rate no mistake don't hate but if you blatant I/

*Hook (Repeat 4x)*
Cry 2 tears in a bucket, fuck it
Let's take it to the stage

*Verse 3*
Yo iLLite gimme a beat, I give you 16/
I get green & cream, I'm every chicks dream/
Spend a couple thou on a pair of sick jeans/
A sick tee sick feet, the whole fit mean/
Now I understand why ya'll so mad/
But two wrongs ain't right, that's where ya'll go bad/
Like you a day old, I know you hate Ro/
But come to Burn Rubber I'll put you on the payroll/
The flow so special like a baby first step/
Or even more like a baby first breath/
The doe came in it probly made me worse/
& now my nuts hang like a ladies purse/
Words can't express how sick I is/
I guess I'm more sick than a sick guy is/
In ICU, like a fish eye lens, huh/ 
Niggas can't fuck wit the shit I spit bitch/

*Verse 4*
I'm the flyest nigga livin' I'm killin' you niggas softly/
The best at what I do, I'm Emerson Fittipaldi/
Call me in the game it's gettin' a lil saucy/
Of course Ro ball, my niggas they call me spalding/
I'm at the finish line waitin' on you niggas right?/
I started at the same time as you niggas right?/
I'm livin' life to the fullest, ya'll niggas bullin'/
My niggas pushi it to the limit, ya'll niggas pullin'/
The only thing I pull is corks out a fuckin' bottle/
& got a duck for a buck that'll suck & swallow/
I can't stand niggas call me Uncle Ruckus follow/
You me, you in the lead & niggas hate to see it/
I know, I know, ya boys cop heavy, for that/
I keep stacks on deck like they ready to bat/
Heh, that's the line of the year, real niggas know/
We gettin' money over here, Pillsbury Doe/

*Verse 5*
Man niggas been hatin' on me since the 80's/
Back when me & O Fin got it in wit the ladies/
You probly hate me cause I only do it if you pay me/
Kidd wrote the contract, I held out, I'm on day 3/
& all I asked for was a Faygo & a black/
That's my dude I come thru, but from you I need a stack/
& see the back of me go rapidly blow a sack of weed/
& I bee in ya bitch mouth like a daiquiri/
Actually I'on't even do this shit/
But I'm the flyest nigga from the brim to the kicks/
& these 1 of 50's, you ain't fuckin' wit me/
I got the 9 milli cause ya eyes kinda shifty/
& ya'll niggas talkin' what you got at the mall/
Holla at ya mans yo I bought the whole store/
Nah I'm for real Burn Rubber is back/
You know I had to say that to make you mad/

*Verse 6*
Around here we stay fresh to death/
Nothin' less than the all white ones wit the custom check/
Ketchup I'm in a Mustard vet, Relish in the dutch/
Hot Dog stop the talk & cut the check/
'Nuff respect, up ya bets Octane/
Let loose on the mike they call me dump the tech/
'Round here you better come correct or you'll be/
Layin' dead red & the doc'll have to pump ya chest/
Punks get checked, lumped & set, even OG's/
Cochise roast beef slumped & wet/
You put a nigga wit a hustle, watch a love connect/
& see his block stay poppin' like it's Club Excess/
It's a war goin' on get ya guns & vest/
Bless the flow the boy bust like he come from sex/
I skipped school to hit the league like Buff & Text/
Ure hearin' Waterworlds finest ya'll fuck the rest/

*Verse 7*
Burn Rubber in this bitch.
I remember it like it was yesterday

I got my momma on my back, I gotta get me a job/
Cause if I don't, man somebody gettin' robbed/
Got goons on the team you prolly thought I was Plies/
They call it snatch & grab you win it you get the prize/
See I's kinda high meanin' I was out my mind/
But the bills startna climb & I's runnin' outta time/
In the prime of my life but I'm feelin' like I'm dyin'/
Then my phone rang, so I'm picking up my line/
Its my nigga Rick, this nigga talkin' bout some kicks/
I ain't tryinna talk kicks man a nigga broke as shit/
He ain't talkin' bout his own, he tryinna own his own store/
Tryinna Run his own show like the house Simmons Joe/
I ain't tryinna miss out, I ain't tryinna shoot the breeze/
I ain't have it up my sleeve but I gotta get the cheese/
we was in intense meetings when nobody believed/
And when I say nobody, nobody was we/
Now we run the state huh niggas caught the vapors/
Late registrate come on homey We major now/
He, he, he Gucci please Louis V, Nudie Jeans/
Chef peice I ordered gimme a week. A week?/
I ordered gimme a week. A week?/
I ordered gimme a week/
Ha, we drop ice in shit, on the spot fuck comin' back twice & shit nigga/

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