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The Glass Ceiling Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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Who I Am ft. Buff 1 & Phil Adé Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

1. Oh yeah I'm the man, but put a H U in front of that,

2. That means if I can go up I can drop like a jumping jack

3. No 9 to 5 clock but I grind so I'm punchin' that.

4. I'm just another little seed out of the pumpkin patch.

5. Maintain...A level head.

6. Even kill, but think a step ahead.

7. Yeah I done been around the world, but that just mean I travelled places.

8. I'm no different than Joe Schmoe or the average Jason.

9. Only time I floss is to cleanse teeth,

10. I'm just tryinna make my ends meet, then freak, then skeet.

11. Multiply my dollars, hoes'll try to holla

12. But I'm just staying focused on my doe so I don't bother

13. Young tenders wanna screw him, cougars wanna do him

14. But they losin', when it comes to keep it movin' I'm a shoe in

15. Me & Ro Spit been close knit since before this

16. No Phrikshun, it's that Rō'Se Gold listen.

Phil Adé

I won't let the cars & clothes, & all these hoes
Take away from who I am
I gotta answer to God when it's over,
So you ought to know that I'mma stay as true as I can
This is who I am
I am
I am who I am
This is who I am
I am
I am who I am

**Ro Spit**

1. When you start seeing ya face in the magazines

2. Ya eyesight can get blurry, never let the words of another

3. Man deter me, I give you that, just pay me back I call it net 30,

4. Its black & white I wear my stripes like a ref-eree,

5. Ya heard me. Success a have you on some other shit.

6. Ya hollywood but from a place shaped like a oven mit.

7. Ya lovin' it, but made a pact like a covenant

8. That you would never be that guy, he on that sucka shit

9. Now you're the person you thought you'd never be.

10. The people you came up wit, you neva see.

11. These new niggas standin' round ya like a cheering team,

12. But you'on't think ya gassed up, its just kerosene.

13. Please, you in the bitches like a papsmear?

14. But they'll fuck you off a song you did last year

15. Ya ego's up, like the price of cashmere

16. Me, I'm standing on level ground, now get yo ass here


1. When the money come, the people came.

2. When the money go, the people fade.

3. That VIP life don't happen for ya everyday.

4. Go on let that sink in, let it Marinade.

5. It serinades, sweet as a carrot cake.

6. Its all these people in ya ear like a hearing aide

7. If you listen to what the man in the mirror say,

8. Everything that was a blur is just as clear as day

**Phil Adé**

Phil A-Dé
1. and that's real shit, impossible to count the fakes I deal with

2. I still spit & carry on, I'm talkin' hits, I'm Barry Bonds.

3. Yet to get my chance at bat, text you you don't answer back.

4. That's ok, just watch the place you throw ya diva tantrums at.

5. Niggas blowin' right & left, reachin' new heights wit no depth

6. What's ya legacy, what will we learn in our life at ya death?

7. Same nigga you see leave will be the same when as he left

8. I got the Will to win, you ain't even got the Jazzy Jeff.

9. Unlike you my dude I do this for my friends & family

10. Annually it's apparent you ain't near enough to handle me.

11. Who I am to me is who I plan to be, you won't

12. Catch me shootin' or talkin' bout movin' Caine like I'm Danity

13. At exclusive parties, to youngins' under a canopy,

14. Moscato for the model but for me Ciróc & cranberry.

15. Being me is my intent, you meant you join the camp wit me.

16. I am who I am still doin' the shit you can't believe. Word.


FREE Download: Ro Spit - Who I Am ft. Buff 1 & Phil Adé.mp3 (via Bandcamp).