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Previously Unreleased & Leaked Tracks by Ro Spit

Released on Saturday, June 18th, 2011
More lyrics from Previously Unreleased & Leaked Tracks

You Make Me Ft. Monica Blaire Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

Verse 1

1. Seven twenty six 0 six oh shit..

2. Ro spit about to be somebody father.

3. Pop a bottle & light up ya cigars cause

4. God made her perfect I'm suprised he didn't charge us.

5. Shit I'd a paid top dollar just to get her here,

6. For 1 second its a blessin' & its crystal clear,

7. For 1 second you in heaven then it disappear,

8. You realize she's alive & she sittin' here.

9. I'm here to give her everything that I ever had

10. Or neva had better rap she a neva lack,

11. For anything I'll give the clothes off my fuckin' back,

12. I'll give her everything & neva ask for nothin' back.

13. My goal in life to raise her right up in this crazy world

14. See Sanaa Symone on daddy's phone yeah that's my baby girl.

15. She my princess & yes my little lady thoro.

16. & one day she'll be a queen like the famous borough.


You complete me
You give me something
I can hold on to
You make me righteous,
You make me hustle
You make me the man
That I'm supposed to be.

Verse 2

1. It's no you, no I, no lie, foe life

2. Hold tight, it was just me & Boonie on them cold nights

3. & most nights she was workin' hard to get some bread

4. Two jobs food cards just to keep us fed.

5. I didn't have a crib (bed), she didn't have a crib (home)

6. House to house wit our fam is how we had to live

7. Then she got her shit together, she could get whatever

8. Apartment, car jewelery & the finest leathers

9. She neva put a man, before her baby boy

10. They called me spoiled I always had the latest toys

11. It's that right there that showed me I could make nothin'...

12. Into somethin' if I grind & hit the faith button.

13. Now half of what I do I do to make ya proud.

14. The other half I do I do to make you smile

15. I say it loud from the bottom of my heart muscle,

16. If you haven't heard it in a while, Ma I love you.



Never know what you have shown me (You never know what you've shown me)
Keep me, love me, help me grow see (You help me to grow)
Know your love is so amazing (So amazing to be loved by you)
So life's path could past (But you hold me up)

Verse 3

1. Height 5'5", light skinned hazel,

2. Eyes wit a body that was touched by an Angel,

3. Labeled as an independant woman wit her head straight

4. Could prolly do better by herself a man is dead weight

5. & even at the time I didn't have much.

6. All I really knew is that I had to have her

7. So I had to bag her, her ex-man was casper (ghost)

8. I tell her G.O.O.D is how I been, Jasper

9. After that stage, we turn the chapter to another page.

10. We back together the first phase we was under age.

11. & dwellin' on that topic I could go for days, (now)

12. She hold me down & got my back like my shoulder blades

13. A full time daughter, a full time mother

14. A full time sister, a full time lover,

15. She everything to everybody full time hustler

16. My wiz, my best friend there is no other.


You you you you you make me hustle, you make me righteous.
Yeah, nobody else but you.

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