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Find Your Way Out by Run with the Hunted

Released on Friday, August 31st, 2007
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Excuse Me, Do These Effectively Hide My Thunder? Lyrics (by Run with the Hunted)

Of all the frustrations life has to offer
Surely there is none greater than this
To watch you fade away
Eyes glazed, snout gray
With nothing but a helpless whimper
To shame a legacy of such elated love
Somehow I knew this day would come
Though I fought it with everything, that I could muster

What is it to say goodbye?
To the ones you don't want to leave you
To be left buried under the weight of joyous memories
And with the task of burying your heart under six feet of lonely earth
I am so fucking exasperated
At my inability to do more for you

When left without a choice
One of us dies
And the other dies. A little inside
As the sun sets onto this, your final night
I profress my anguish on these pages
Left with little more than inevitability to comfort my broken heart

I love you with all that I have.
Gone but not forgotten old friend
Gone, but never forgotten.