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Destroy All Calendars by Run with the Hunted

Released on Sunday, March 29th, 2009
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Of Course It's Dark, It's A Suicide Note Lyrics (by Run with the Hunted)

Of Course It's Dark, It's a Suicide Note

The world we know is dying. The world we knew is dead
And even though we're trying, I know that it's too late

To save a dying breed takes strength and compassion beyond belief
Living in the ruins of this failure is enough to break the best of us
So why help build it up, when we can tear it all down?

But if there's something to be said for all the innocent blood that's been shed
It must be that life is beautiful
To value that which matters most, to love and laugh and hold it close
They can't take that away from me

I'll choose my battles carefully but I will always choose to fight
Injustice is never acceptable
Mark my words, when the tables turn
You'll be the one staring down the barrel of a gun

When the odds are stacked against you the world can seem unfair
They make the rules to serve their interests
They taken everything I love and sealed off every entrance

But what they fail to realize will see to their demise
They rape and steal, they lie and kill
They're fucking empty inside
They fight for nothing
And leave us with something worth fighting for
Something worth fighting for

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