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Run with the Hunted by Run with the Hunted

Released on Monday, November 22nd, 2010
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Signs of Life Lyrics (by Run with the Hunted)

my eyes are tired
but i could never close them
tight enough to learn
how to see their lies again
i learned a lesson today
and its begun to unmake me
the beliefs that i carry
have finally begun to break me
look at what they make you give
sacrifice your life to live
and all i ever wanted
was to ease their fear and pain
now i've got nothing left
who am i to complain?
look at what they make you give
sacrifice your life to live
smother my will to try
nurture my will to die
the truth will set you free
but it will weigh you down
tired of the pain and tired of the questions
tired of the journey, sick of the depression
i stand before you, bent but not broken
weak in the knees, silently outspoken
i need this time to breathe
need something new to believe
because today i feel hopeless
today i haven't got the strength to fight
today i haven't got the strength
tomorrow i might