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Run with the Hunted by Run with the Hunted

Released on Monday, November 22nd, 2010
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Sycophant Lyrics (by Run with the Hunted)

i used to want to succeed
so i could realize my dreams
but now i've got a new motivation
forcing open your mouth and feeding you my frustration
i want to watch you choke on the lines that you fed me
pry open your jaw with the force that's required
tear bone from tendon
find the truth in a liar
your carefully laid plans, all for nothing
your tired aching hands, all for nothing
your life so empty, you're missing something (it's me)
and you cast a pretty tall shadow
but now it's time to move on
we're freezing and starving
you're blocking out the sun for the rest of us
but if i could have it any way
what i really want more than anything
is to watch you fail
i want to watch you fail
your silence so righteous
come lay down besides us
we sleep in a bed of nails