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Our sons; heart-rending stories from babblers. Download album for Free

Released January 2012
  1. "Nothing will ever abate our crusading zeal! I guess…" Search For Lyrics
  2. Our story begins, ironically, at the unoriginal conclusion…
  3. It’s hard to describe the lack of physical actions…
  4. Appearing in their wild and disgusting getup…
  5. "How much time has elapsed?" asked the tall guy…
  6. Most of the time, angry crowds with torches have really good reasons…
  7. Correlation between age-old traditions and cold-blooded massacres…
  8. "Would you let someone sow love with a broken spear…"
  9. Again. Fractious children and their ability to erase footprints.

Amid all this mess, a weak splendour! Download album for Free

Released December 2010
  1. « How strange these sharks are noisy while kissing each other » the Captain said...
  2. Believe me son, the whole city was in turmoil before all these misgivings became dinosaurs...
  3. There is a land alongshore, where children hunt buried animals with shoestrings...
  4. Oh, fathers! Don’t you see them shaping pretty giantess with the fear and lust that we all clamour...
  5. A few days ago, we whispered our propangandha to well-educated worms; now they are using bluebirds...
  6. From buildings to slammers, a few sneaks ape the ivory carousel with great expectations from pigs and rats.
  7. "Hail to our shining mongoloïd prophets."

Horsewreck, oh trail's highlight. Download album for Free

Released August 2006
  1. Like desperate shots on fugitives from a burning watchtower.
  2. We shall soon light the first torch to orchestrate the uprising.
  3. Bring us knives, machine guns or whatever; we are sick of this endless fistfight.
  4. Never tell a brother the master plan; this is how every empire fell apart.