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On To The Great Divide by Sander van der Hoorn

Released on Saturday, December 19th, 2009
More lyrics from On To The Great DivideOn A Rooftop In New York, Overdrive, 2313ET, The Great Divide,

Lying, Hating, Trying, Waiting Lyrics (by Sander van der Hoorn)

I'm turning myself in
The great escape has failed
I found myself trapped in
The biggest of mistakes
Correct me if I’m wrong.

You could be lying, hating
I'm trying and waiting
For you to stay true to yourself

Do you like what you've become?
A shell of what you were.
Out of it for the fun
And in it for the blur
Correct me if I’m wrong.

FREE Download: Sander van der Hoorn - Lying, Hating, Trying, Waiting.mp3 (via Bandcamp).