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Seas-Of-Green - ThreeEPLP by Seas-Of-Green

Released on Sunday, July 31st, 2011
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Horseshoe Lyrics (by Seas-Of-Green)

Horseshoe [Act I]

[Scene I] - [Eyes In Summer]

Sit at the oxbow brook is a look for the summer and it’s looking good
Until your eyes light up and silence is stirred and crushed
Like a nut,

your body’s warm in the snow and the sun is up and gone
Winter I’d love you more if your winds weren’t so cold

So you call out my name while your toes are frozen blocks again
Summer is oh so sweet not living on fossil heat

You are my horseshoe
You are my horseshoe
Winter I love you
Summer I love you

[Scene II] - [Sledging]

Breath it in slow all through the snow 
Taking its time to oo oo go

Amateur steps put to the test
With your 6 string and you’re singing