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Seas-Of-Green - ThreeEPLP by Seas-Of-Green

Released on Sunday, July 31st, 2011
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Juno Blues Lyrics (by Seas-Of-Green)

Sold his eyes when he was a learner
Strut and smoke like a 6 0 earner
Down the tigers inn he’d fall apart

The Chief would say
“Sonny Jim’s got dope in bundles”
He’d say
“Tell tale eyes are all snowed under”
He made his way down stream

And part of you is left in his dream
Part of you is left in his dream

Wrapped his arms round the girl and whispered
Gave him kicks and shivered the listener
Lord of all gold with glistening jeans

The chief would say
With a mind fragile in greeting
He’d say, “wounded core like a sun in sleeping”
A cheer, a sigh, a weep

The lioness is stumbling to her feet
A crumpled mess of metaphor and beast

Part of you is in his head.