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Seas-Of-Green - ThreeEPLP by Seas-Of-Green

Released on Sunday, July 31st, 2011
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Milk Teeth and Green Tea Lyrics (by Seas-Of-Green)

“Milk Teeth and Green Tea”

You hear the hoard out and you let them all in

And the raptureous rovers are holy held kids

As you snuggle your sins it’s a rigamarole win

And it’s soft as the morning as it ripples your skin

Your milk teeth are thin in a chemical wind

And the green tea is salty as a sea breezy sin

You lift up the lid to chill with 3 kids

And it’s scruffy and sweaty with the triggers and kicks


So long, God died when he was young, It’s left to paul and john

But who fell first the father or the mother nature’s son ?

Buy track Milk Teeth and Green Tea directly from Seas-Of-Green (via Bandcamp).