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Waiting on Summer by Self Conscious

Released on Thursday, May 26th, 2011
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Afterwards, in Fall Lyrics (by Self Conscious)

As I sit back, or, as I recline
These memories of the past all come to my mind
Waitin' on summer, I've been there before
Anticipating the season until my brain is sore
So of course I'd consider it one of my friends
But like all things, it'll come to an end
And in the later months we almost wish it was over
Nothin' to do like a gun forced to sit in the holster
Return to school feelin' as if we got the building upholstered
Until it's May and old desires start simmering closer
The year is just a cycle and we go through it often
But forget the feelings trapped inside like a ghost in a coffin
In winter these emotions will be only forgotten
And until next spring I won't even know it's a problem
The only season that got the shine that all these other bums are stealin'
We all know there's nothin' like that last day of summer feelin'
Sunday amplified, mind dwellin' with those big fears
Like how long's it gonna take for school to get old this year?
I guess a guy's best friends are crystals, it's clear
So for now I'ma keep it simple, it's here

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