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Waiting on Summer by Self Conscious

Released on Thursday, May 26th, 2011
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Coast Through Lyrics (by Self Conscious)

whole mixtape and not a wack bar, damn
And my flow's all around the track like Nascar fans
I can tolerate a lot, but it's the last straw, man
If you're over 20 and still rockin' the Phat Farm brand
I don't know too much about the ghetto or the dang'rous streets
Where the girls be puttin' out before they lose their baby teeth
Dudes gettin' powder behind the counter like a bakery
But anyway I never will be one for complacency
'Cause it's heroin for the poor, amphetamines for the peasantry
If rain is angels' tear drops then how great can heaven be?
Tasks on my shoulders are just leadin' to stress
Catch heat then that's just another reason to sweat
Never get it done so I need a new nest
All my work comes after stallin' like Nikita Krushchev
But hey, that's something we all go through, right?
'Cause it's only perfect on paper livin' a no rules life
So we'll just keep it goin' and try to coast through, right?

They told you it gets tough then they told you right
So we'll just keep it goin' and try to coast through, right?
Got that Audacity 'cause I can't afford Pro Tools strife

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