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Waiting on Summer by Self Conscious

Released on Thursday, May 26th, 2011
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Every Movie Needs a Love Interest Lyrics (by Self Conscious)

Tape's shapin' up well, nice beats, some lyrics
Never felt like a chore, just havin' fun with it
But I can't shake the feeling that somethn's missin'
Wait a minute, oh God, I forgot the love interest
Only caught a glimpse now I'm gunnin' for more
She's a daimyo, used to being under the sword
Ain't nobody callin' on the phone and it worries me
I need to get the number for my social security
Looks got me goin' under without the scuba suit
At the point she's looking for an Outkast (hootie-hoo)
If she a vegan and follow the whey like Buddhists do
We'll just have to find some new meat to introduce her to
Feel like I just went through a rabbit hole (Loony Toons)
No make-up, doesn't hide under a mask (Scooby Doo)
Decided to walk up and introduce myself (who are you?)
Don't have no ill will, her looks could Kill Bill (Lucy Liu)

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