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Waiting on Summer by Self Conscious

Released on Thursday, May 26th, 2011
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I'm Over It Lyrics (by Self Conscious)

I'm over waiting for this overrated season to end
Spring needs to come to a close, summer needs to begin
It's like the keys to the city vs. the keys to a Benz
I don't need these flowers blooming, keep the sheep in the pen
I'm over exams, over finals, over school, no denial
Over being in the ring when these people hold the title
I'm overstressed and overpressured, over with this whole semester
Over making it to the end of the day being my sole endeavor
I'm over people bitchin' - over Lisa Simpson
And other things less important than a decent livin'
Negative all the time, I'd rather keep 'em grinnin'
Why dish out the just desserts instead of feastin' with 'em?
But if I do they'll just complain about the peas and chicken
Walk out the front door with no goodbyes and leave the dishes
Yeah, I get the irony, it doesn't mean it's less inspiring
And doesn't take away from how I find it all so tiring
I'm over people always actin', over bein' overactive
Over the only hope I'd ever hold of goin' platinum
I'm over everything else always being so distractin'
And right now... I'm over rappin'

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