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Waiting on Summer by Self Conscious

Released on Thursday, May 26th, 2011
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Lookin' Up Lyrics (by Self Conscious)

Never even did just one crime, and I'm somewhat kind
See the hood in my songs, you'll have tough luck tryin'
Call me white and suburban and I'm summed up fine (yup)
But shit, it's fun to rap about guns sometimes (hey!)
Yeah, it ain't that impressive and it ain't that hard (nope)
Still put the barrel to your neck like a St. Bernard (ungh)
Computer thugs want beef then the lames get scarred
Shoot at your Windows OS 'til it's rainin' shards (bang bang)
If anybody out there thinks I'm drained of bars
Alert the people to this fire like a rang alarm
And if they don't like it, sky keeps droppin' on me
Skimmin' through my shit, call it sleepwalkin' on me (nnhhh)
I'm not sayin' my ps and bs are in the mix perfect (nah)
But I'm never watered down, my pop filter is workin' (alright)
Try and tell me right now that this shit isn't burnin' (come on)
I could even switch it up and just kill it in German
Guten tag, haha that shit's stupid dog
My secret stays masked like thugs when they loot and rob
You'll never duplicate it, just sit back and do your job
I'll at least let you rate it one to five like losin' odds
My shit is everywhere, call it Hello Kitty (yeah)
Peeps lookin' more out of place than a shell-toed hippie (haha)
Fanbase got a bigger population than Melrose city
Haters try and turn my bottoms up then hell rose quickly
Ask for gals, give me 2%, no fat around
If she on that whole milk I'm zoomin' right past'cha cows
Down to the core this is Thor, I'm Valhalla-bound
Landin' on my feet as long as these cats are down (yessir)
Don't try to front like my tracks aren't good enough
Cats try and act then they crash like a sugar rush (what)
If you don't like this shit, I won't be shooken up
'Cause even when I'm underground I'll be lookin' up

FREE Download: Self Conscious - Lookin' Up.mp3 (via Bandcamp).