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Waiting on Summer by Self Conscious

Released on Thursday, May 26th, 2011
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Prelude to Summer Lyrics (by Self Conscious)

Let's use the current season to springboard to summer
All the homework I have makes me feel more encumbered
The math and the history, the chemistry and English (unh)
They all dull the spark and the energy between us (unh)
Plus the gossip bullshit with the symphony of secrets (yeah)
I don't give a fuck if Billy has a pimple on his penis (nope)
Too much of that will just get us in trouble
Stay waitin' for the light at the end of the tunnel
'Cause until it's all behind us we'll be muddled in despair
It's so much better than spring it's like somethin' isn't fair (damn)
And when it comes it's somethin' wonderful to share (beautiful)
The king has a brother, the sun is in the air
When it's nighttime, the moon is a sight to be held
Still we're left in the dark, it keeps the light for itself
And the stars are too far so their shine doesn't help
Every day when it's dawn it's now time to rebel
Light is currensy, the sun always fights for our wealth
And victory's declared when it's high noon at twelve
We're civilized, but still act primal and yell
'Cause in everyone everywhere the cycle is felt (yeah!)
The dark isn't all bad, the night's a journey
But every sunrise is so life-affirming (hmmmm)
Clouds are the doubts that get the sky to worry
Enjoy the sun when it's out, there's no time to hurry
All the numbers at my school got me stuck in the Matrix
But if I had to explain why summer's the greatest
No baseball, but Blue Jays cover the bases
We all know the two words right, fuckin' amazin' (uh-huh)
Winter kept calling, now I need a new number
For a little change in scenery seasons do wonders
But when you're this far south you don't see unique colors
So spring's cool but for me it's just a prelude to summer

FREE Download: Self Conscious - Prelude to Summer.mp3 (via Bandcamp).