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Waiting on Summer by Self Conscious

Released on Thursday, May 26th, 2011
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Seasonal Love Lyrics (by Self Conscious)

Lookin' for a lover, and winter became my sole target
But it didn't take long to find out she's cold-hearted
Kept dragging me down, and it became unreas'nable
I need somebody who can be more than seasonal
Someone kind as spring, I thought that I would love to find it
And when I did, I was thinkin' that this one's the nicest
But after awhile there just wasn't enough excitement
And it was eatin' at me, feelin' like a stomach virus
Wanted to hit something but I would never succumb to violence
Had nothin' to do, and it became unreas'nable
I need somebody who can be more than seasonal
Then summer came and turned my whole life around
Wasn't long before my feelings became quite profound
Had my heart doin' flips and made me want to write it down
But what I felt for her to what she felt for me was twice as loud
Tried to call but all I hear is silence now
Guess I tried too hard, and it became unreas'nable
She needed somebody who can be more than seasonal
This turn of events had me down in the dumps
So I had to use Autumn to get me out of the slump
She thought it was real, and had a powerful love
But I only wanted to talk for an hour a month
Ignoring her calls, that type of cowardly stuff
Realized what I did wrong, and it became unreas'nable
We need somebody who can be more than seasonal
So now I'm back with winter and I'm never happy
It's like I never had her, she only ever had me
That being the case, we're still together sadly

All this seasonal love is borin' me to tears
I need you to last longer than a quarter of the year

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