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Waiting on Summer by Self Conscious

Released on Thursday, May 26th, 2011
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Summer Broke Lyrics (by Self Conscious)

Summer days on as if I know different
Garage door open and my mind go with it
Jewels gleamin' in the sunlight, shine on pimpin'
Got the scouter on my eyes with the sights on women
Locked on, time to turn on finesse and magic
Hazel colored eyes with the dress to match 'em
Roll up like "Damn girl, that's expensive fabric"
Crazy shit poppin' out the top like Inspector Gadget
Gave me a dumb look but my bruises are healin'
No way I'm gonna let that ruin the feelin'
Gotta say I'm lookin' up and summer is the reason
And now the park to me is so suddenly appealin'
Call some buddies up and stuff 'em in the truck so they can peep it
Start climbing through the playground and jumpin' from the ceilin'
Can't be true when they say that the only Suns are up in Phoenix
'Cause just now the weather gave me somethin' to believe in
Whether it's, June or July, I'm in tune with the sky
Nothin' could mess up this day and shit, who's gonna try
Son's gettin' low, hope you ain't assumin' I'd cry
'Cause I'd die for the day just as soon as the nights

FREE Download: Self Conscious - Summer Broke.mp3 (via Bandcamp).