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Waiting on Summer by Self Conscious

Released on Thursday, May 26th, 2011
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You Know How We Do It Lyrics (by Self Conscious)

Doin' 90, you'd be hard pressed to find me gon' slow
Zoom by you hear swoosh like the Nike logo
Hair blown back, thinkin' that I might be loco
Always knockin' socks off like a Chinese dojo
You know that I came with it (nah man, they ain't listen)
Not tryna get jumped over a car like Blake Griffin
Or have Clippers fadin' my buzz without the game tickets
And never be crossin' the line like lane switchin'
Clark Kent rappers have you thinkin' they violent
Hit the booth, goin' through an identity crisis
Ask my fans who's their idol, never Studdard like Rubin
(Fool, you know how we do it)
Others need guest rappers or someone to sing
No cast, but their crutches goin' under the wing
I'm just here to show you I'm the bomb, that's it
Not how many rappers I got up in the contacts list
You want to be on this track so I can pay you more?
I need to make an impression, that's what a debut's for
You can hear it in the speakers when the car goes by
Every single planet and all of the stars know why
You know I'm gonna rip it sure as darts gon' fly
It's like I'm mixin' drugs the way I got the bar so high, out

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