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A Long Walk To Find A Place Called Home by Self Portrait Gallery

Released on Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
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After All This Time Lyrics (by Self Portrait Gallery)

It’s been three years now
Since I’ve first seen your face
And still nothing
Is in it’s right place

You told me you love me
It was just a lie
And in these three years
It’s a wonder that I didn’t die

Every promise
You gave to me
Has just vanished, vanished
Like a ship in the sea

Now I’m your scapegoat
Your worst enemy
It’s so crazy
What you tell yourself to see

And after all this time
After all this time

You’re still not mine

You fooled me once
And you fooled me twice
And I was the one
Who believed in all your lies

I tried and I tried
Gave my heart and soul
But now I break these chains
Babe it’s time to go

Buy track After All This Time directly from Self Portrait Gallery (via Bandcamp).