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Herald Of The Morn by September 29th

Released on Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
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Life Is The Answer Lyrics (by September 29th)

When Time turns into Space
Seconds become ditches of snakes
Minutes become mountains to climb
Hours are Towers of Babel.
And ages suddenly are cages
Where Lions of Eternity roar
And you and I have turned into statues
Forever imprisoned in a marble arch.

But if I ask the Moon
All I hear is:
“Life is the answer”.

When Space turns into Time
Cornfields become nights
Headlands and bays
Become endless days.
And roads full of bends
Become Winters of our discontent
And this city where we were both born
Is the Dawn of our glorious Summers long gone.

But if I ask the Moon
All I hear is:
“Life is the answer”.

And if I ask the Sun
All I hear is:
“Life is the answer”.

Buy track Life Is The Answer directly from September 29th (via Bandcamp).