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Herald Of The Morn by September 29th

Released on Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
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Sometime, At Night Lyrics (by September 29th)

Once upon a time
I met a man sentenced to Death
For loving Life and Mankind
And telling stories of how Peace
Ended all Wars,
Of how Hope opened all doors
To the Kingdom of Freedom and Joy.

He said: “My friend, don’t be sad!
Don’t let tears become years.
Don’t let Hate become Fate.”

“You look like you have many more miles to go
Before you get home
So, smile!”

He said: “Don’t be sad, my friend!
Don’t let tears become years.
Don’t let Fate become Hate.
Don’t let haste become waste
Don’t let Fate become Hate
Don’t let Life become a knife…”

Sometimes, at night,
It gets harder for us to believe
That we don’t live in vain
That we don’t hear only chimes of Pain.

Buy track Sometime, At Night directly from September 29th (via Bandcamp).