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KOALITION by September 29th

Released on Wednesday, September 28th, 2011
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The Letter Lyrics (by September 29th)

i wrote you a letter
but the live version of me
is always better
than the studio one.
and if you call me
and i don’t pick up the phone
just know that i
i’m always alone.

and in the twists and turns
of every song
between the bass line
and the lead guitar
you will perceive
a sweet melody
well, follow it
and you will find me.

and trust me when i say
i’m gonna be okay
whether you love me back
or go away
and never look back.

so go now
find yourself a town
to call your own
a place where you don’t
have to own a thing
to know that you belong
to something bigger than that
then turn the radio on
and know that i’m home, too.

Buy track The Letter directly from September 29th (via Bandcamp).