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Herald Of The Morn by September 29th

Released on Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
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The Prophet Said Lyrics (by September 29th)

He confessed:
“Life is a mess
You can shoot me in the head,
I don’t care.
Leave me unburied
Burn me,
Throw my ashes into the Fire,
To the Winds that change
I will be the same.”
The ceremony was over
The priest in his black cloak
Standing like Summer mist
Upon the white cliffs of Dover.
Agony disguised as a Smile
A heart-shaped tattoo
The wrong symbol
On your right wrist
Water converted into ice
Existence seen through
Borrowed eyes.
Disillusion for breakfast
The wizard approached
But too late
For the Curse was cast
Some time in the future
You will prick your finger
On the spindle of a spinning wheel
A World War will start
The worst of Friends
The best of Enemies
We will be,
We will be.
We will be.

Buy track The Prophet Said directly from September 29th (via Bandcamp).