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"Stay For Tea" EP - 2009 by Shellfin

Released on Thursday, June 25th, 2009
More lyrics from "Stay For Tea" EP - 2009Stay For Tea, Mud, 7-8 Inches Of Fist, Under The Ailing Sun,

Extent Of It Lyrics (by Shellfin)

Wasting my time yet again
It's a habit I no longer enjoy
If I wasted just a little more
The irony would be so damn sweet
Instead I've a trail of obligation
Living free has seen me my most imprisoned yet
Seeming life of luxury
Nothing to show for any of it

I tried to enjoy the simplest things
'Cause that's what the experts all say
It'll keep more than the blood pressure down
Leave your dreams in the dirt

I am the face of the hopeless
I rule the legions of pointless slobs
I've become less than a number
A far cry from all I bet on

Got a nice little house of straw
Built on a bed of sand
In a kingdom of shit
That's the extent of it

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