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"Stay For Tea" EP - 2009 by Shellfin

Released on Thursday, June 25th, 2009
More lyrics from "Stay For Tea" EP - 2009Stay For Tea, 7-8 Inches Of Fist, Under The Ailing Sun, Extent Of It,

Mud Lyrics (by Shellfin)

Here it comes around again
A boiling spoon of mud for my pain
I hang from the fan and spin the room
And steal my eyes from the ostrich plume

Rush of fluid to my head
A series of blinks and I'm in the red
A knock at the door so I touch wood
Am I awake? Whose is the blood?

Oh look what I've become

The flashing lights of halogen bloom
The rubber gloves, the needles soon
Pulled up from the depths before my doom
They're rough as shit, they've killed my boom

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