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"Stay For Tea" EP - 2009 by Shellfin

Released on Thursday, June 25th, 2009
More lyrics from "Stay For Tea" EP - 2009Stay For Tea, Mud, 7-8 Inches Of Fist, Extent Of It,

Under The Ailing Sun Lyrics (by Shellfin)

I know you're not able to see the damage is done
A hollowed house of burning debris, we're overrun

Leave this child to wither and die under the ailing sun
Who will know?
Clawing at my chest, removing the dirt
Worms writhe from my skin in search of an ailing sun
No one here is waiting for you
You will die in vain pursuit of truth

The world's never kind
And my heart is lost in the crowd
The dust burns my lungs
My face melts away
All that's left are your lies

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