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Sir Jordaniüs Lyrics

Free Beats Download album for Free

Released September 1991
  1. "It makes no difference who you are" Find Lyrics
  2. track me down (sample credits: "I Shot the Sheriff" Bob Marley) Find Lyrics
  3. do as the birds (sample credits: "fais comme l'oisseau" Michel Fugain) Find Lyrics
  4. Nothing to get hung about (sample credits: "Strawberry Fields Forever" Beatles) Find Lyrics
  5. thomas da tank (sample credits: "Thomas the tank engine" theme) Find Lyrics
  6. .17(sample credits: "Seventeen come Sunday" Ralph Vaughan Williams) Find Lyrics
  7. Charlie Browniest (sample credits: "Christmas Time is Here" Vince Guaraldi) Find Lyrics
  8. baby leaps (sample credits: "Giant Steps" John Coltrane) Find Lyrics
  9. moonball dragonsailor (^_^) Find Lyrics
  10. supa dupa happy (sample credits: "Fish Hits" Jun Senoue)
  11. corn on the kebab (sample credits: "Duel of the Fates" John Williams) Find Lyrics
  12. gettin MONAAAAAAY!!!1!!1 (sample credits: "Money Money Money" ABBA) Find Lyrics
  13. wh1stl3 wh1l3 y0u w04k (sample credits: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" Disney) Find Lyrics
  14. Shining (free version) Find Lyrics
  15. family (Lil Wayne 3 Peat ReMix) Find Lyrics
  16. No Matter What (T.I. Remix) Find Lyrics
  17. Fantasy! (Kotaro Oshio Remix) Find Lyrics
  18. whoah, what a rhythm (Nando Lauria) Find Lyrics

DMCB: The Scraps Download album for Free

Released February 2000
  1. 1. NOS, the Nitrous Way Find Lyrics
  2. 2. Local Loco Locrian Find Lyrics
  3. 3. Kung Phew Jian (Live at Al-kharid Stadium) Find Lyrics
  4. 5. KFC MAN LIVES (One-Banned-Man Version) Find Lyrics
  5. 6. Shake dat lip (jam session clip) Find Lyrics
  6. 7. Unarmed and Alone Prototype (R.I.P. Emile Vacille) Find Lyrics
  7. 8. In Your Head (THE ORIJJENNULL!) Find Lyrics
  8. 9. The "Zack-please-don't-quit-guitar" song (original jam session 1994) Find Lyrics
  9. 10. Buckethead vs. Jordanius (first, original version' dedicated to Zane Alrec Valren-Purnell) Find Lyrics
  10. 11. Men of the X Find Lyrics
  11. 13. Turbo Mode - Live at Yewpourne (thank Brassica Prime we didn't Sell out) Find Lyrics
  12. 14. Fornever (Nujab tribute, didn't make the cut) Find Lyrics
  13. 16. Zach McGary's Lunch time Level 1: Lean Green Farrest (LeMac prototype)
  14. *KFC man Lives (Post-LeMac unreleased single) Find Lyrics

DMCB: One Banned Man Download album for Free

Released September 1991
  1. 1. Interaction (Orgasmiasma Deititc Medley Ritual) Find Lyrics
  2. 2. RawZenGone (dedicated to Kamintile) Find Lyrics
  3. 3. Woogie Woogie Woogie Castle Find Lyrics
  4. 4. Scarified (For Paulos Gilbertios, A Legendary Influence) Find Lyrics
  5. 5. Y2K Judgemint Daye Find Lyrics

DMCB: A Darker Shade of White Download album for Free

Released April 1994
  1. 1. Secret of the Knight Trojan Find Lyrics
  2. 2. Prince of the Saiyans Find Lyrics
  3. 4. Stevie the Stellar Samori Find Lyrics
  4. 5. die111!!!!11!1one!
  5. 6. Phauling with Stile Find Lyrics
  6. 7. In Memory of the Toad Hermit Find Lyrics

DMCB: LeMac Official Soundtrack Download album for Free

Released August 1998
  1. 1. Title Screen/Main Theme Find Lyrics
  2. 2. Lullaby/Main Theme Sad Find Lyrics
  3. 3. Strolling Theme Find Lyrics
  4. 4. Johnny Clyde's Theme/Continue Find Lyrics
  5. 5. Forest Theme Find Lyrics
  6. 6. Cavern Theme Find Lyrics
  7. 7. River Theme Find Lyrics
  8. 8. Mountain Theme Find Lyrics
  9. 9. "Emperor's" theme Find Lyrics
  10. 10. ATTACK!!! theme/boss fights Find Lyrics
  11. 11. When I learned to Cry/ GraveYard Theme Find Lyrics
  12. 12. LeMac's choice Find Lyrics

>jordan*etienne< EP Buy Album directly from Sir Jordaniüs via their Bandcamp account.

Released February 2009
    Lyrics for this album missing or do not exist.