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Soul Like Khan by Soul Khan

Released on Monday, November 15th, 2010
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For That Lyrics (by Soul Khan)


before terrorism had arisen to fight
i'd stay up for the wake up show and i'd listen at night
just to know what was officially tight, get it cassetted
made my fat tapes while classmates sweated for extra credit

but me, son? forget it, i achieved under
now suckers shit bricks whenever i breathe thunder
but i wasn't always down with what cool cats were doing
couldn't cop jordans, i rocked patrick ewings

damn, i was a shoe-in for the nerdiest,
four eyed geek who was the wordiest, but turned impervious
when the cipher got open, assholes stopped provoking
quoting soul khan 'cause i was more than just a token...

...melanin deficient fellow with an eloquence and vision
feeling them hello kittens but they were so seldom licking
probably got you thinking, "damn, he's attached"
but hip hop kept me afloat after the family collapsed

the panic attacked, my father didn't plan to come back
but the boom bap never let my sanity crack
no the boom bap never let my sanity crack
yeah, the boom bap gets mad dap for that


if it wasn't for the records you gave me
don't know which way that life would take me
the 1-2, 1-2 that raised me
i'mma play you 'til they crossfade me

i never thought i'd make song a for this
but here i go with a jawn for that
here i go with a jawn for that
end of the day, i did it all for that


so even though i'm the golden era's grandson
it ain't fair to say we don't compare to that one
i thought they called it the past, 'cause all of it passed
(can i kick it?) damn, i shouldn't bother to ask

if it's new, some of you won't put your hands up to it
i love the old school, but i ain't handcuffed to it
but i can't keep just rapping about rapping without
feeling a little vomit in the back of my mouth

too much to address and the youth's unimpressed
it's hard enough today to speak to you in the flesh
to the youngins that are plugged in the subject we're discussing
remember that it's more than just a mumble and percussion

it's rats in the front room and roaches in the back
it's two dope boyz steady posting in the 'lac
it's bonita applebaum that we're hoping to attract
and the boom bap gets mad dap for that