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Soul Like Khan by Soul Khan

Released on Monday, November 15th, 2010
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Place That Birthed Me Lyrics (by Soul Khan)

it's like straight from the city of sunshine and silicone
even on the busiest streets, you still feel alone
unless you're repping a set or set to direct
a mill or millimeter's how they measure respect

they say the weather is best, but sometimes it rains and
sometimes it bleeds 'cause drugs line the veins of
all kinds of fiends, they all got the need
in the hills and the ghetto and what lies between

got one life to lead, but two different faces
prime real estate for the youthful and famous
too many cops are abusive and racist
but white folks still staying glued to the matrix

chicks drop stacks for rags on rodeo
then they hit the strip to sniff some more yayo
dudes on the street sipping forties like they're drano
the city where the angel pawned his own halo

let's take a trip to the place that birthed me
home of roscoe's and big game worthy
los angeles, i can't love it enough
so no matter where i'm at, i put my w's up

now, i could spit a reference to different intersections
but that wouldn't capture california in its essence
the asphalt is scalding beneath your chucks
wherever we post up, there's burrito trucks

and the traffic in the city turns the corner to a jukebox
bumping ever genre from foreigner to tupac
peace to the homie selling oranges a few blocks
up, now he's got a small fortune in his tubesocks

it's where i learned to freestyle with ease and fluency
used to hear people preach peace and unity
the women were an infinite spectrum of thickness
and greeted every increase in heat with nudity

now i'm in the east with a dream and a tunnel vision
you gotta leave home to see home for what it isn't
so some day, i'll return like the sun arisen
and on my mama's mama, i hope that nothing's different

hook repeats